Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book Take Note UK for our event?

Although we’re pretty proud of our website, we know that word of mouth is by far the best advertising, so as you would expect, our gigs often lead to repeat and regular bookings.  So don’t delay! Once you have a date for your event, contact us as soon as you can to see if we are free!  We can take bookings up to 18 months in advance. We will provide you with a quote, and answer any preliminary questions you might have.  If you’re happy with all the info, (we’re sure that you will be!), we’ll send you a contract for you to sign and return, along with the deposit amount we have mutually agreed. Once we have that, your date is in our diaries and the gig is confirmed; happy days!  We will contact you again a couple of weeks before your function to check nothing has changed and that we’re all systems go!


How do you work out your prices?

Our mothers taught us it was rude to talk about money, but hey, we all know it makes the world go round!  Take Note UK promise to provide you with excellent value for money; with our eclectic mix of tunes to keep the party swinging from start to finish! We’re sure you’ll want your guests to remember your function for all the right reasons, and we will make sure that they do! Hey, you get what you pay for!

We think about a number of factors when working out your unique quote, including:

  • Distance to your venue
  • Duration of your function, including arrival, set up, pack down & departure times
  • Our on stage performance times
  • Sound and lighting equipment requirements for your venue
  • Any other special requests that either you or your venue may have
  • Our costs – equipment, lighting, insurance


Can you travel to gigs outside of Hampshire and surrounding areas?

Yes, we love a road trip! Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Do you require a deposit to secure a booking?

Yes please. A small deposit of 10% is required at booking to secure your special date.


How can we pay the balance of a booking?

Cash on the night is fab, otherwise a cheque 7 days before the event is good for us.


Are you insured?

Most definitely!  We hold current public liability insurance, certificates are available upon request.


Is your equipment safety checked?

Yes. All of our electrical equipment has the appropriate PAT certification.


How long will you play for?

A typical “party gig” contains 2½ hours of live music. Our song list is always increasing, so we can play for longer if you want us!


How long do you need to setup?

Average setup and sound check time is around one hour, and we aim to arrive approximately 90 minutes before start time.  We can be as flexible as you need, and realise that each venue is different and every party is unique, so call us to chat through your specific requirements for set up and close down.


Can you provide lighting?

Yes indeed!  Take Note UK come complete with full PA and lighting system.


Can you provide music for the gaps between your sets?

Of course! We carry a pre-loaded iPod with us, full of suitable music to keep your party going, whilst we wet our whistles! If you’d like to supply the iPod pre-loaded with your choice of music then we can accommodate that too, or if you have a few songs that you’d like us to make sure we have on the night then let us know and we’ll make sure we add them. Should you want a full DJ also, we have some great friends we’ve made along the way who will be able to compliment our performance.


We’ve heard of bands getting double-booked. Can this happen with you?

Not a chance!  Your deposit and booking form secures the date 100%.  We will not take another booking once yours is confirmed.


Is all the music live, or do you use backing tracks?

Take Note UK are solid believers in keeping live music live, and for this reason we NEVER use backing tracks. What you hear is all us!


Are you going to be loud?

As you’ll see from our song list, our repertoire varies and so you should expect some volume to suit the song we’re playing.  Take Note UK are not however a “loud” band, and we’re always aware of the diverse needs of our audiences. If the venue has a volume limiter, please let the band know in advance as it may require a smaller setup from the band. We often play in venues with sound limiters and are accomplished at balancing our volumes with maintaining a fun and fabulous party atmosphere.


Can you learn specific songs for our function?

Of course!  Providing you’re happy with a Take Note UK take on your original song choice, we’ll turn our hand to almost any song you like! (We do draw the line at any song by the Cheeky Girls however!)


Do you take requests on the night?

Absolutely. If we can play it, you’ll hear it! We have a vast range of songs that we’re happy to delve into, some of which may surprise you!  Take a look at our song list to whet your appetite!  Similarly, if there is any song on our list that you simply can’t stand, just tell us, and we’ll make sure its not in the set on the night.


Can you play for longer than we originally agreed if the party is still in full swing?

We’ve done so on many an occasion! Once we’re up and running, and you’re up and partying, we’re more than happy to keep going for as long as your venue will allow. If you think this might be a possibility, were happy to work out the details on the night, but as a rough guide we will charge an additional £100 for every extra hour we play.


How much space do you need?

Take Note UK are small but perfectly formed!  There are only 7 of us and so we don’t need masses of space – however about 3 meters wide is ideal. If you are concerned please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can work with you to ensure that we fit.


Can we use your microphone for speeches?

Of course you can!  Just make sure you’ve allowed us sufficient time to rig the PA when working out how long you would like us for.


Will you look smart?

We will dress to suit your function, so do let us know at the time of your booking if you have any special requirements.  As a general rule, we will dress smartly for weddings/parties/functions, (white shirts for the guys, a dress for the ladies), and more casually where suitable.


Do you have a poster we can use?

For public events we have a poster that you can download to advertise that Take Note will be performing. Click Here to download and print now in PDF format.


Do you do public gigs where we can come and see you live before booking the band?

We love a pub gig – we are often performing around Hampshire especially in the Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover and New Forest areas!  Keep an eye on our gig diary to see when we’re playing at a venue near you! If were not, then let us know about local pubs/clubs offering live music in your area and we’ll do our best to get ourselves on their play list!