Introducing The Band

If you wanted to find out more about the members of the band, well you’re in the right place! Here is a little bit of history…

CraigCraig – Vocals

For 19 years Craig has been at the forefront of the music scene, performing in a successful ‘originals’ band and professional function bands, highlights of which have been singing on television and playing at London Bridge, The Dorchester, Cafe Royal and Goodwood Festival of Speed. Craig loves to “keep the dance-floor busy” and make sure everyone has as great a night as him! His wide range of music tastes span from Pink Floyd, The Who and The Beatles, to Muse, Stereophonics and Foo Fighters. Craig has also been inspired by Freddie Mercury.


SarahSarah – Vocals

Since taking to the school stage at age 12 as Blousey Brown in Bugsy Malone, Sarah’s passion for singing has enabled her to perform with a variety of bands across many counties for over 15 years. Sarah is always looking for a different twist on a classic tune and enjoys singing everything from power ballads to rock and disco, taking her influences from a variety of artists and genres.


BexBex – Trumpet

Since playing cornet at age 7, Bex has gone on to play trumpet in numerous brass bands and orchestras. She is strongly influenced by old jazz and marches and has developed playing through competing nationally against first section brass bands, including playing at Disneyland Paris and touring in Chicago with a Big Band. She has since founded a Dixieland Jazz band, taking it from busking on the streets of Winchester to the Olympic Torch relay, Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the University of Winchester Graduations.


CecilyGemma – Sax

Picking up a saxophone at age 8, Gemma has been involved in bands and orchestras throughout the south-east. In her final year of an MSci Geophysics degree at the University of Southampton, she often jokes that she does more music than her actual degree. As a budding professional, Gemma is breaking her way onto the musical theatre and jazz scene, playing in productions at the Theatre Royal, Winchester, the Concorde Jazz Club in Eastleigh and on the London Battersea barge for Amies and Clements. She is also a clarinettist for the Magna Sinfonia and Charity Symphony orchestras. In 2017, Gemma won the award for ‘Best Music Performer’ at the University of Southampton.


MatMat – Guitar

Mat has played in local and national signed bands, as well as cover bands all across the south of England and London for the last 20 years. Although his influences are firmly planted in the rock genre, you can expect to hear everything from funky licks to blistering solos.


TomTom – Keys

Tom started classical piano lessons at the age of 4 and obtained Grade 8 before entering 6th form. He has since gone on to be the principal pianist and bassoonist for several jazz bands and orchestras, gaining a scholarship for music at university along the way. He has performed at venues ranging from the US, Disneyland Resort Paris, Prague, Royal Albert Hall, Wales Millennium Centre, as well as playing in many musical theatre shows from Madness, Queen to Sondheim.


JonJon – Drums

After watching Madness on Top of the Pops, Jon knew he had a calling to play the drums from an early age, assembling a kit made up of biscuit tins and nearly driving his parents mad. Since acquiring his first drum kit, he has toured with bands all over the country as well as teaching the drums to notable pupils including the daughter of Queen drummer, Roger Taylor (and no, before you ask, we don’t know why he couldn’t teach her himself either!) Touring and teaching has allowed him to chase his dream of becoming a full time kebab shop critic and eat from every kebab shop in England!


With a wealth of experience in weddings and corporate events “We like to bring the party to you…