Lianne & Dave’s Wedding Anniversary

So our latest adventure was to help Lianne & Dave celebrate their wedding anniversary at the lovely Potters Heron in Ampfield.

We arrived at the lovely setting a little early so unloaded just outside of the event room while we waited for the room to clear. We rarely have the opportunity to see the amount of equipment it takes to put on a Take Note show, its quite daunting to look at but we have set up down to a fine art these days and only takes an hour or so to be ready to go…. and ready we were!


It was a night of firsts, Tom was debuting his new sound desk and was in full geek mode!!! That said, it’s a fantastic investment which enables us to all control our personal sound via our iPhones, but also sound check the sound out front remotely (and quietly I might add), which meant our live sound took on a fantastic new dynamic and sounded epic! Our other first was we surprised the happy couple by dropping one of their favourite songs (U2’s Pride (in the name of love). We had only learnt it in the week and the first time we played live together, and it went down a storm.


The night continued with a full dance floor from start to finish, with lots of singing and dancing (thank goodness the temperature had dropped this week!), with even one of the guests delivering an unforgettable performance with the band!!


We never underestimate the importance of delivering a fantastic night of entertainment, and it was a privilege to be a part of the memories made on Saturday night. All the band wish Lianne & Dave all the very best for the future.