A Knockout Boxing Performance

We were filled with excitement as the TN team pulled up outside the Eastleigh Railway Institute on the eve of 13th October. Raring to go, we walked through the doors and were taken aback as the club, which usually hosts bowls and drinks, had transformed itself into a full-sized boxing ring! Yes, you guessed it – our very first live boxing gig!

RLM Fitness representatives had been setting up for hours and as we joined in the preparations, the atmosphere was already high. After a quick warm-up ourselves, it was time to get the crowd going! Playing some of our usual classics as well as a new addition to our set list, Everybody Needs Somebody it was time to introduce the fighters.


As Craig gave his first hand as a ring announcer, his deep voice pumped up the crowd even more and the rest of the band just had to wonder if he was in the wrong career.
The cheers from supporters on both sides made the anticipation in the room almost unbearable. As each of the RLM fighters made their entrance walks into the ring, the TN team rocked the already-shaking house with classics like Johnny B Goode and Park Life. In return, we gave the away team a cheeky musical wink of luck as each opponent was greeted to a good ol’ bit of Get Lucky.

As we watched each fight, we were in awe of the skill and dexterity many of the fighters possessed. RLM Fitness’ Luke Martin made a particularly impressive knock-out punch within 1 minute of his fight.
Five fights later, RLM fitness had won three to the away team’s two but the night was only just beginning. As the cheers continued to grow, the main event was yet to come!


After a ten-minute breather, we were ready for the main event of the night: The United British Boxing Federation Title Match. Representing the home team, Sam Dixon and challenging him for the title, Ryan Cooper. As TN blasted out one of their all-time favourites, Let Me Entertain You, Sam strode across the floor with an air of determination before facing his opponent.

It was a close match and the determination and ferocity of both fighters meant the referee had to intervene multiple times to keep the fight clean. Eventually, after many ducks and blocks, RLM Fitness’ Sam Dixon was announced champion! The cheers were deafening; it seemed like they could be heard all the way from the station.

Sweaty and tired, the fighters went for some cold showers and beer as the TN crew launched into our set list. In the usual style, we had the audience and dancing as the words to Sweet Child Of Mine passed across their lips. Dancer of the night award of course must go to the guy who jumped into the ring and proceeded to do back flips from the corner cushions!

As the band relaxed in the dressing room after another successful gig, Bex and Gemma were particularly inspired by some of the fighters and decided to have a go at boxing themselves! Safe to say, they weren’t very good… best keep the hobbies to playing music, girls!

“People were taking about three things tonight;

The big guy that got knocked out

The little guy who got knocked out

And the band!” – RLMFitness

Winchester City Council Christmas Party

What an exciting start to December – a Christmas party for Winchester City Council! We were invited to play at the Staff Christmas Party in the wonderful surroundings of the Winchester Guildhall. We were performing along side a DJ as part of the package so needed to ensure that our music was complementary and our timings were exact; not a problem for the Take Note Crew!

The guests were all beautifully attired, some of whom came from their annual Christmas lunch, ready to hit the dance floor! Songs like “Crazy in Love” and “Livin’ La Vida Loca” went down a real storm, with “Mustang Sally” even requiring an encore as Sarah sang with and amongst the guests! There were some very impressive voices out there, (notably Lex Cleverley!), and even more notable dance moves on display as the party atmosphere built throughout the evening.

As the clock struck 12 the party had to come to a close; not before the whole room sang some specially selected Christmas hits. What a great night had by all… all that remains for us to say is a very Merry Christmas from all at Take Note HQ!

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping to make the party a lot of fun with the riotously fun Band! Really impressed, quite literally never missed a beat, with an excellent selection of songs!”

“Really enjoyed your singing last week. It was great…actually…. FAB-U-LOUS!”

Corporate Summer Ball

We certainly got handed the ‘golden ticket’ when we were asked to play for an accountancy firm’s corporate summer ball. The event was laid on to thank staff for all their hard work, and what a reception it was! Defying any stereotypes, these accountants really know how to party.

After supplying the venue (New Place, Devere Venues, Southampton) in advance, all the usual documentation; Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificates and Public Liability Insurance paperwork. All that was left was for us was to turn up on the night ready to get the party started.


The celebration was themed around the Roald Dahl novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. All the staff came dressed as their favourite children’s book character. We saw everything from Alice in Wonderland right through to Tintin and Snowy. Unsurprisingly, the Oompa Loompa’s won the prize for best fancy dress – there was quite a lot of orange!


The event was organised by the partnership’s social committee and they did a fantastic job organising food, scenery right through to transport making it a real pleasure to play at.


Sarah and Craig did a wonderful job interacting with the staff, joining in with selfies on the dance floor through to singing arm in arm as they belted rock anthems. David, our primary saxophonist was unable to join us for this event, however, Cecily a friend of the band joined us for the evening giving us an all female brass line up!