Richie’s Birthday at the Arrow

It is always nice to be invited back to a venue, but coming back to The Arrow, Eastleigh is a thing of legend… especially when it’s Richie the landlord’s birthday! Friends, locals and the regulars were out in force. The place was completely packed out, with everyone very much up for a few beers and a dance.

It was the first time we had a few technical bugs that decided to show themselves with Mat’s monitoring (within about 8 seconds of the first song!!!), but Tom’s quick thinking meant; by switching to one of our back up rigs, we squashed those nasty bugs before the first chorus with no one any the wiser including the rest of the band… what a pro!!! After that, it was back to business and we effortlessly flew through our first set delivering the energetic and fun performance we are becoming known for.

After a quick pit stop (no alcohol was consumed… promise!) we cracked on with the second set. By now the crowd were well lubricated and were quite simply magnificent in dancing and in voice. We are pretty sure the entire pub sang along with us for most of it – although, some of the “twerking” that took place in Crazy In Love (by the blokes we hasten to add) is something we will never un-see! It was our second outing for “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as well, and once again went down a storm; we think its a keeper!!

It was also a nice surprise to have a couple of clients join us for the evening, and another couple of weddings in the bag! How exciting!! The rest of this year, and some of next year, is getting nice and booked up, which is fantastic!

It just remains to say a huge thank you to every one at the Arrow, you were epic!! Until next time.

Return To The Arrow!

Being asked back so quickly to play at The Arrow in Eastleigh, was fantastic news for us! As a fairly central point for all band members to get to, we were already unpacking the vans and setting up when the final band member arrived; having been slightly delayed due to chasing two escapee guinea pigs round the back garden! In true Take Note style though, with our fantastic team work and adaptability, we weren’t going to be phased. With the sound desk to lighting all set up in a short amount of time, we were able to take a few moments out and chill as a band.


Somehow, word on the grapevine had spread to our family and friends from far and wide for this gig. Bex and Tom’s parents had decided to ‘drop in’ (they had driven over from the depths of rural Wales), and Craig’s family and friends had made a mass turn out. From parents, brothers (what a resemblance you all have), aunties, uncles and cousins it was absolutely amazing to have such fantastic support. As soon enough as family and friends had arrived, 9pm chimed and we were off!


From start to finish we’ve never seen the dance floor so packed! With music from all eras, from Presley’s Hound Dog, Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer to S Club 7s Reach and beyond we had everyone up dancing. No one was ashamed of their dancing moves, and a big shout out to Grandma who took the lead on the dance floor, getting everyone up, proving that you’re never too old to go and bust some moves! With the crowd (a good couple of 100 people packed into the local pub) asking for more and more (and then even more), we sadly and regrettably had to finish at midnight. It was certainly a fantastic time had by both the band and crowd – although there maybe some sore feet for a few days! We can’t forget a shout out to Sarah’s Dad who even broke out his best move, “the worm” on the dance floor!

“It was an awesome night again guys, can’t wait until the next time”

“Had the best night last night, feet are sore though from all the dancing … Take Note were great as usual xxx”

The Arrow Pub Anniversary

We were invited to play at The Arrow pub in Boyatt Wood, Eastleigh to help celebrate the first anniversary of current landlord.


Despite having a band disaster 48 hours before the event (poor Jon our drummer had an accident and was hospitalised), we used our extensive network of contacts to find an excellent replacement in Frank Broadway. He slotted into the band like he had been with us for years.


From the first to last song we raised the roof and had the entire pub dancing… and it’s safe to say we enjoyed some of the shapes being thrown on the the dance floor by the locals (not going to lie; Craig threw a few of his own!).

It was a great way to kick off our 2017 calendar especially with the amazing feedback we received.

“Take Note were absolutely outstanding”