Lisa and David’s Wedding

Who doesn’t love a winter wedding?! With the recent weather warnings, we were worried the day would be snowed off! But thankfully the only glistening white for miles around was the beautiful bride, Lisa!

Arriving at Otterbourne, Winchester Village Hall for 3pm to set up on stage before the guests arrived, the room was adorned with fairy lights. Looking at all our equipment again for the first time after our Christmas break, it took us a few minutes to remember where all the different cables went! But we soon got going and set up in a very speedy 40 mins. This left us enough time to warm our instruments and voices with a quick revival of the set before leaving the guests to enjoy their delicious 3 course dinner.

As with all good weddings, everything was running a little behind schedule, which gave us a great opportunity in the back room to catch-up on our Christmas breaks. Moving onto other topics of conversation, we discussed ‘classic’ wedding subjects of ‘What would you do in the event of a nuclear strike’ before we all concluded its far too unlikely to have to worry about! But you know the classic boy scouts’ motto, ‘always be prepared’!

Leading on straight from a beautiful first dance, the guests were clearly ready for a party. Sarah and Craig are always ready to warm up a crowd but clearly none was needed here. From the first note of Let Me Entertain You all the way to our final Oh What a Night, the dance floor was packed for every song. A particular shout out to the lady in the black dress at the front who didn’t step off the dance floor all night – she seemed to have a different dance routine for every song!

The bride and groom were very kind to give us each a slice of cake after we packed up – a delicious sponge which really rounded off the evening on a high. We hope they enjoyed their big day and wish them all the best in the future. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day and we hope to see you at other gigs soon!

To anyone wanting to see more pictures head over to our Instagram, otherwise check out our upcoming events. We only have a few gig slots left before August so, book us before we’re gone!

40th Party at The Rising Sun

It was a welcome return to the The Rising Sun in Colden Common for some of the band, and what a lovely pub it is too! Lots of friendly locals and we received a very warm welcome from all of the staff as well (sorry for making you move all the tables!).

Although it was a somewhat cozy affair, we managed to squeeze in and set up camp for the evening, both playing for the pub and celebrating Sam’s 40th birthday. The guests were in fine vocal form once more, and yet again executed some amazing (and somewhat eye watering!) dance moves that were a thing to behold, (no doubt helped by some of the delights available behind the bar!).


Our first set flew by at what felt like record pace, managing to squeeze in 17 floor fillers before a short break to wet our whistles!

Our return was marked by a rapturous Happy Birthday played by the band, and then it was back to business. After pulling out a melody of “Rock Around the Clock” and “Hound Dog” from our song vault, (as a special request from one of the guests; we hadn’t played it in ages; we had forgotten they are such fun songs to play), we cracked on with the set throwing in some Michael Jackson, Girls Aloud….. even S Club 7 made an appearance!

Another fantastic night, with a top class audience and amazing staff; what more could we ask for? Well a couple of elderflower gins after we packed up to be honest….. Perfect!

Sportsman’s Club Winchester

At last we made a welcome return to our friends at the Sportsman’s Club in Winchester. We love this place as we always get such a warm welcome (not to mention its the easiest load in ever) and tonight the regulars turned out in force which was fantastic!


We try not to geek out too much, but we were all extra excited as we made a little additional investment to our lighting rig and couldn’t wait to see it in action… and it didn’t disappoint! Now fully programmed per song, we can deliver an even better atmosphere than before… next on the list is a smoke machine (if Tom gets his way!!!).


It was a set filled with all the usual floor fillers you’ve come to expect from us that really get the party going from the word go…. and the lights…. did we mention the lights? Highlights of the night were the surprise backing vocals (the audience) on Mustang Sally, the new light show (did we mention we have new lights?) with extra special programming for Let Me Entertain You and the fine fine singing through Sex on Fire, Mr Brightside and Livin’ on a Prayer.

“Just watched Take Note in the Sportsman’s Club tonight – absolutely awesome. Wonderful music played by great musicians who are lovely people.” – Martin



It was also great to meet the 3 or 4 couples and their families who came to see us in action, and confirmed us for their weddings later this year and into next year. It was lovely meeting you all and hope you all had a great night, we can’t wait to be a part of your special day.

We always try and keep our sets fresh, so we are excited to add another couple of new songs which we will debut in just a few days time… and boy are they stonkers!