Trumpet and Saxophone Recordings

Yesterday Tom, Bex and Cecily got together in Southampton to record the trumpet and saxophone parts so that clients can have a chance to hear us when they make their initial enquiries. We are fortunate to have a close friend of the band who has the facilities to record all the parts. We headed over to Mark’s on what was a glorious March day in Hampshire, with temperatures up to 19C, we met his dogs and got ready to record. Bex was up first recording Valerie… after sorting out the levels we got this one down in one take. Bex then recorded We are Family, Livin’ La Vida Loca and Let Me Entertain You. Livin’ La Vida Loca and Let Me Entertain You took a few takes to get the levels just right as the trumpet parts are real screamers.


Cecily was next up to the mic, after teaching Mark the importance of tuning a saxophone he got the microphones and levels adjusted and she was off. Incredibly Cecily managed to get almost every song in just one take. We all hopped into the studio to listen to the preview, making sure everything was perfectly in time and then left Mark to do his first mix… which after listening to we are all very excited.
We are incredibly grateful for Mark’s time, skills and technology and are looking forward to spending a bit more time with him recording the vocals in the next couple of weeks.