When ‘Lovibonds’ Two People Together!

Entering the De Vere New Place Hotel driveway with the towering manor and ornate gates meant no location could be better for Lauren and Stuart Lovibond’s wedding. It was the perfect summer evening, not too hot for the men in their suits but not too cold either. The guests were just finishing their wedding breakfast as we started setting up, noting the room was decorated with beautiful chiffon ceiling drapes matching the elegant lilac colour scheme of the table centre pieces.

The friendly catering staff helped clear the head table so we could set up efficiently before moving to the bar to have a quick catch-up drink before our first set. During this time, we met a couple of children, guests of the happy couple who told us all about the instruments they could play and were fascinated with all our equipment.

Once the dance floor had been set, the guests were invited back in to watch the cutting of the cake. This was rather unusual but inspired: the tiers were made of hundreds of cupcakes of five different flavours, ranging from salted caramel to passion fruit and white chocolate. The main cake sat on top of these mini cupcakes as one giant vanilla sponge cupcake. Each different flavour was labelled with a different topping including butterflies and violets to allow the guests to identify the flavours.

We started with the first dance, You Got a Friend in Me from Disney Pixar’s classic Toy Story, a family favourite which set the mood for the evening. The atmosphere was of sheer excitement and romance and we were ready and raring to blow the roof off this party!

Blasting through our first set, we had a packed dance floor, the children in particular busting some very fine moves. During our break, the children asked Sarah, Bex and Gemma to join them in the photo booth with their crazy glasses and feather boas. We happily obliged and made sure we could get some crazy pictures of the whole band as well.

In the second set, the dance moves got more outrageous and dad-like (although this may have been something to do with the number of alcoholic beverages consumed)! As always, we left the crowd wanting more, before blasting out our classic, Livin’ On a Prayer.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Stuart Lovibond! Thank you for inviting us to play on your special day and from all of us in Take Note, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.